Not all clothes protect against the sun, and not all clothes that protect against the sun are the same.

To create our Juillet Juillet UPF 50+ swimsuits we use certified Italian fabrics with dense weave.

What makes a better fabric with UPF 50+ ?

The UPF 50+ fabrics used for Juillet Juillet  are made with a combination of construction, color and weight. Sun protection is active the moment you put the swimsuit on and does not fade like a sunscreen.

Do you need both UPF and SPF?

Yes! Everyone needs protection from both UPF and SPF.

The idea behind both UPF and SPF is the same: to protect your skin from UV rays or ultraviolet radiation. UPF is to fabrics and clothing what SPF is to lotions, liquids, and serums. SPF only measures how well sunscreen protects against UVB rays, which are the ones that burn. Our UPF 50+ also checks for UVA, or light-transmitting rays, to make sure that 98% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked.

Shouldn't my cotton tee do? No, in a word.

The UPF rating of an average white cotton T-shirt is between 5 and 7. This doesn't protect you on the street, in your car, or in your backyard. It doesn't even protect you on the beach! Even worse, when it gets wet, the level of protection drops to about UPF 3, leaving you vulnerable to 1 in 3 UVA/UVB rays that you may not even know about.
Unlike your cotton basics, our technically elegant clothing and accessories block 98% of UVA/UVB rays, whether they're wet or dry. They also keep you comfortable and safe all year long, as you'd expect from the world leader in sun protection.

Does Denim block UV Rays ?
Because of the way denim is made, it protects you more from the sun than other fabrics. Denim helps block UV rays because it is usually thick and has a tight weave. Its color and thickness also help.

Does linen provide sun protection?
On the other hand, because of how the fabric is made, linen doesn't offer much sun protection. The weave is much less tight, and the fabric as a whole is lighter, so it doesn't block the sun as well.

UV RAYS: Can they get through clothes and harm skin ?
UV light can get through clothes and hurt your skin, giving you a sunburn or other damage. Clothes with a high sun protection rating are the best to wear in the sun. UPF shirts do work and help keep skin from getting hurt.

Can you absorb vitamin D through clothes? 
If sun rays can get through clothes, so can vitamin D. There is a limit to how much vitamin D is healthy, so wear UPF clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself.

UPF washes out of some brand.
UPF can get rid of. When cotton is washed more than once, the holes between the yarns get smaller, making the UPF higher than before. If you don't take care of the garment well and it gets stretched out as you wash or dry it, the holes can get bigger and the garment can lose its shape.
Some fabrics, especially those that are light, have a certain composition, or come in certain light colors, can't get the UPF 50+ without a certain chemical treatment. If these chemicals aren't locked into the fabric well when it's made and come out when it's washed, the UPF level will go down.
We don't use the chemical treatment in Juillet Juillet swimsuit.