ODYSKIN- The clean sunscreen

Today, i had the opportunity to interview Stephanie, founder of my favorite sunscreen Odyskin. A must to have with your Juillet Juillet swimsuits for this summer.
Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Stéphanie, I'm a mum of 3 boys and the founder of Odyskin, a natural sunscreen brand. 
Can you tell us about Odyskin ? 
Odyskin is a natural sunscreen which is Cosmos Organic and Vegan certified. The idea was to create a natural sunscreen with an eco-friendly packaging that is as close as possible to a traditional one.
Can you tell us about your background and how you came to start a clean sunscreen brand?
I have a finance background so nothing to do with sunscreen. I spent 10 years in big corporations and enjoyed it a lot but when I became a mum it was just not enough anymore I wanted to do something more meaningful. and that's how Odyskin was borned. 
What inspired you to create a clean sunscreen?
The trigger point was when I started buying natural sunscreen for my kids and realised that what was on the market at that point was not meeting my requirements. It was like plaster, super white, greasy and not packaged in eco-friendly packaging. 
I knew that there were very good brands in Australia and in the US so I wanted to offer the same in Europe
How does your clean sunscreen differ from other sunscreens on the market?
The texture and eco-friendly packaging is really what set us apart. We spent 3 years of R&D to develop THE formula that was as close as possible to a natural sunscreen but with natural ingredients only. 

Can you walk us through the ingredients in your sunscreen and why you chose them?
The main ingredients are the mineral filters which are Zinc and Titanium. These are the ones that protect you against the sun. They are very different from the chemical one as they don't penetrate your skin but leave a filter on your skin. 
They act as a shield for your skin. Important to mention as well that these are the only 2 filters recognised by the certification bodies as natural and organic.

What certifications or testing has your clean sunscreen undergone to ensure its safety and efficacy?
Sunscreen needs to go through a battery of tests before being commercialised and rightly so. We went through in vivo and in vitro tests, eye and patch testing, skin test and many more, the list is long but that means also that customers can trust the products they see on the market. 
On top of that we have the Cosmos Organic and Vegan certification.

How do you approach sustainability and eco-friendliness in your production and packaging processes?
This is at the core of our mission. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible. We have between 99% and 100% natural ingredients and our packaging is as eco-friendly as it can be. We avoid plastic at all costs which is why we use aluminum tubes and glass jars which are recyclable. 
What kind of feedback have you received from customers about your clean sunscreen?
If it's from customers already using natural sunscreen they love the texture that leaves very few white marks and spreads well. If it comes from customers that use chemical filters they find it a bit harder to spread and would love to have a spray so we are working on that option. We value customer feedback very much so always happy to discuss it with them.
What are your plans for the future of your clean sunscreen brand?
Develop more SPF products such as a day cream with an SPF, Sunstick and lipstick. There are already a lot of natural cosmetic brands so I don't want to reinvent the wheel but there are very few sunbrands.
Are there any exciting developments or new products in the works for your brand?
Of course there always is. The day cream with an SPF will probably be the game changer :)
Is your sunscreen part of your daily beauty routine ?
Yes, the sunscreen SPF30 is part of my daily routine from April to October in Belgium. 

Summer is around the corner, What are your basics when you go to the beach with your family ? 
For my kids, definitely the Juillet Juillet swimsuit that I find very practical and allow us to enjoy the sun with total peace of mind. I'm not very much of a beach person but probably a one piece swimsuit. 
Finally, where can we find your brand ?
The brand can be found online on our website www.odyskin.com/fr and in a lot of stores across Europe that are listed on our website as well.