POSTCARD FROM .....La Trinité sur mer ( Brittany, Fr)


WHERE I’M STAYING…I’ve been staying at le Lodge Kerisper for the third time. We love this 4 star hotel where families stop by and you feel like home.

La Trinité-sur-Mer is a charming seaside town located in South Brittany, France. Here are three of the best things about La Trinité-sur-Mer:

Known as a sailing paradise, the town hosts international regattas and offers a marina filled with diverse boats, appealing to both sailors and enthusiasts.

The coastal beauty, with its colorful harbor, stunning beaches, and mix of traditional and modern architecture, creates a picturesque atmosphere.

Indulge in Brittany's seafood cuisine at local restaurants, and experience the region's culture through events showcasing music, dance, and crafts.

I enjoy Brittany in summer. Never hot, always chill and Sun at least one time a day.

WHAT I PACKED…You don’t need to pack high fashion for La Trinité sur mer . It has a relaxed coastal atmosphere, so opt for comfortable yet fashionable outfits that reflect the seaside charm of the town.

I stick to shades of navy, Denim, and off white to mix everything easily. I always pack Arizona Birkenstock and Black all star converse. For relaxed evening stroll, I had a chic piece of Jewerly as a Charlotte Chesnay earrings. To carry all my family's mess like sunscreen, upf 50 + swimsuits, hats, windbreakers… go for a tote bag or basket. Love to pack travel size beauty essentials from Oh My Cream.


THE BEST MEAL I HAD… The best meal I had was at La Calypso, where the flavors burst in every bite. The seafood was incredibly fresh, and the attention to detail in each dish was impressive. Special mentions to the stuffed clams. Le Camion à Crêpes  (literally a crepes food truck) also left a lasting impression with their delectable crepes that were both satisfying and comforting. Great option after a long boat day with the girls. Another spot for a nice diner is Les voiles de Quiberon.

MOST FUN THING I DID… The most fun thing I did was spending a day on a boat, exploring the stunning Gulf of Morbihan and taking a refreshing dip on a secluded beach on the island of Houat. The adventure was filled with breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters, and the thrill of discovering hidden coastal treasures. It was a truly unforgettable experience that captured the beauty and tranquility of the region.

THE BOOK I READ (AND WOULD RECOMMEND)…Actually took a guide book from A weak abroad, which I love.

A THING OR TWO I LEARNED… The Gulf of Morbihan's archipelago, boasting 59 islands, is a marvel of natural diversity. Each island has its own character, from lush landscapes to rocky shores, contributing to the unique charm of the Gulf.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Gulf is the speed of its currents. Navigating through its waters requires a good understanding of these currents, which add an element of excitement and challenge for sailors and boaters.


THE BEST THING I’M BRINGING HOME… a timeless Armor Lux clothing piece that embodies the maritime spirit, and a jar of delectable caramel au beurre salé that captures the unique flavors of Brittany.

If you are going for Saint James clothing (to pronounce “jam” and not like the name) it is ok, personally my favorite. But do not trigger a Breton with this feud! Saint-James is in Normandy!