What is " solar capital" ?


When it comes to skin protection, the sun, and summer, sun capital is always a bit of a downer.
However, in order to protect our skin and the skin of our loved ones, we must first understand solar capital and how it works.
This is the best way to enjoy the sun today without harming your skin tomorrow.

What exactly is sun capital?

There is a maximum amount of UV rays that each skin can be exposed to in its lifetime without increasing the risk of getting a disease. It's like being born with a reservoir whose level gets a little lower with each exposure. People say that we use up more than half of our sun capital by the time we are 18. This is why you should always protect your skin when you go outside.


What sort of damage are we talking about?

It can just be a matter of appearance, like wrinkles or spots, or it can be a matter of health, like cancer.


What is my sun capital?

It is impossible to guess and depends on the individual.. All skin types need protection. But it is known, for example, that light skin types have a lower sun capital at birth. They therefore need to be even more vigilant!


How quickly does the sun capital decrease?

It's impossible to say because each skin has a distinct defense capacity. Don't play poker if you want to be safe.

We also know that the sun capital decreases much more quickly during childhood. This makes it even more important to protect babies and young children. So, they shouldn't be exposed directly to the sun, and if they are accidentally exposed, they should be protected with sun cream and accessories like hats, glasses, anti uv clothes, etc...

Does unused sun capital mean zero risk?

No. The risks increase sharply once the sun's capital has been used up. However, an intact capital does not totally protect against risks.


Can you increase your solar capital?

You can't increase or extend it, but you can protect it so that it lasts a lifetime! To do this, you need to make your exposure safe (choice of hours, shade, etc.) and protect yourself (anti-uv clothing, cap, sun protection, after-sun cream).

 A tanned skin, why not, but what good is it if it is wrinkled or even damaged?