Everything you want to know about the brand, the sizes... ?

Can I use my swimwear in a pool ?

Yes you can ! Remember to wash it with clear water and let it dry at fresh air .
Same goes after a salty bath .

Can I do surf or kite surf with a Juillet Juillet swimsuit ?

Juillet Juillet is an anti uv brand. It is not a surfer or kite surfer brand. We haven’t run tests for this water sports. The wax on the board or the harness can damage the fabric . We recommend a specific surfer brand for that.

Is sunscreen needed under the swimsuit ?

You don't need to apply sunscreen underneath. Sunscreen can damage or stain the fabrics. However you must apply sunscreen on the uncovered body parts.

Can I get a sunburn wearing anti uv ?

You can get a sunburn while using an anti-uv clothing if you do not have the proper behavior: It blocks 98 % of uv rays, some uv rays might go through. Very long exposure on very clear and sensitive skin might lead to tanning.

Remember using anti-uv clothing does not allow you to have dangerous behavior under the sun ;) read our blog article "Sun safety recommendations".


Sunscreen and the Juillet Juillet fabric ?

Some of the fabrics might not like the oily sunscreen and the results are stains! Avoid sunscreen under or apply it 20 min before in order to penetrate the skin.

How to wash it ?

Rinse with clear water after each use ( sea or swimming pool). We recommend hand wash.

Let it dry flat to avoid loosing elasticity