Created by Alix Juillet in 2019, Juillet Juillet was born with a strong purpose: providing the best protection for his children’s skin against sun rays.
An island native, Alix grew up in the Caribbean. Years later, Alix received a skin assessment and had to face the consequence of continued sun exposure: despite the repeated use of sun protection, she could no longer expose her skin to sunlight.
As the doctor in pharmacy she is now, Alix is fully aware that sunblocks only protect your skin for 2 hours at a time. She has tried to find anti-UV clothing for her daughters that would allow them to play outside or on the beach without worrying about the risks of sunlight or UV exposure.
The lack of variety in available styles presents another problem: the only options are pink for girls or blue for boys, with each brand displaying their names on a massive tag. Certainly does not make for the best holiday pictures!
This is when the adventure began for Juillet Juillet.
Design and cut provide both optimal protection and the greatest comfort. Our aim is not to swaddle our children but to offer cuts that provide protection whilst giving our little ones the freedom they need.
Colors and patterns are timeless, elegant and gender-neutral.
Brand name
With a last name symbolising summer - the brand name is very obvious.
Alix has made the conscious decision to produce her pieces in Europe, using the Italian fabric OKEO TEX STANDARD 100 which are specifically certified anti-UV 50+ (no filters are required thanks to a dense meshing) based on the Australian standard which is the international reference.
Concerned by her environmental impact and keen to leave a healthier world to her kids, Alix has sourced recycled fabrics to create her products.
She has been working towards the next collection being 100% recycled.
She is applying the same eco-friendly ethos to her packaging, which is entirely recycable.