Not all clothes protect against the sun, and not all clothes that protect against the sun are the same.To create our Juillet Juillet UPF 50+ swimsuits we use certified Italian fabrics with dense weave. What makes a better fabric with UPF 50+ ?The UPF 50+ fabrics used for Juillet Juillet  are made... View Post
  • What is " solar capital" ?

      When it comes to skin protection, the sun, and summer, sun capital is always a bit of a downer.However, in order to protect our skin and the skin of our loved ones, we must first understand solar capital and how it works.This is the best way to enjoy the sun today without harming your skin tomo... View Post
  • November is National Healthy Skin Month

    Your skin is your body’s largest organ, it's important to take care of it. National Healthy Skin Month is in November, and this year, we'll help you get #YourHealthiestSkin from head to toe. View Post